Dunzo, the on-demand delivery app recently announced that it is going to stop the sale of tobacco items on its Android App. This was done to comply with the PlayStore policy that no longer allows delivery companies to list tobacco products. We know that tobacco is bad for our health and disincentivizing the sale “can” discourage users from consuming it. So the decision does seem like the right step for collective well-being of the society that we live in.

Source: Medianama.com

There’s universal consensus for what is good and what is bad for things like tobacco, but the verdict is not as…

I have been trying an experiment over the past few months, where I am spending 80% of my time as a Software Engineer and the remaining 20% as a Product Manager. I like Engineering and its one of my core competencies, but the generalist in myself wanted to try something new and here I was exploring a career alternative, while still coding my way to job security.

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I have been working at Grab as a Transport employee for three years now, beginning as an intern and now in this hybrid position that I mentioned above. Working in Transport at Grab…

Food though has a main motive of pleasing palates or filing appetites is incomplete without stories, stories of the first time you had something, of people you had it with, of cooking something special, of family traditions, of failed experiments and the list goes on.

When I was in Doha, my room-mate Jigar, myself and Jitesh bhai, who was a Chartered Accountant from London would often hangout together. Our WhatsApp group was called “Bachelors Group” as both of us were literally so and Jitesh bhai’s family was settled back home in London. …

I was crossing a traffic signal the other day, and there was a car waiting to turn left after managing both myself and the incoming traffic. The driver was visibly irritated as the signal turned red, meaning they would have to wait for the signal to turn green and repeat this whole exercise.

The first thought that came to my mind was how useless left turns are and how could UPS have come up with a policy to never take left turns and whether today’s modern day Product Mangers can learn something from this decision making process?

Source: trucks.com

What is so bad about turning left?

Culture had a very different connotation while growing up. It probably meant following age-old customs and traditions, celebrating festivals, visiting temples, eating a particular type of food etc. On a very meta-level, it meant doing things the way that you are supposed to do. However, the definition changed completely when I went to college where I was exposed to a wide variety of people with no common denominator of a language, region, or religion to fall back to.

Source: Atlassian.com

Culture at my hostel meant having fun together, helping each other with assignments, studying the night before exams, playing cricket and ofcourse…

Supply & Demand

Supply and Demand are two of the most fundamental concepts of economics. The concept of demand means the quantity of goods that consumers are willing to buy at a given price, and the concept of supply means the quantity of goods that suppliers are willing to sell at a given price. [1]

Supply and Demand curve

If you plot Quantity on the X-axis and Price on the Y-Axis, the demand curve would be downward sloping as consumers would want to purchase higher quantities of goods for lower prices and the supply curve would be upward sloping as the suppliers would want to sell higher…

I came across a news article stating that scientists are training farmers to cultivate Hing in India. Coming from a traditional Gujarati Jain family where Hing is used as a staple ingredient, it comes as a surprise that the plant was never grown locally and was always exported from Iran and Afghanistan. This revelation is an existential crisis, as my Grandma’s secret recipes do not seem so authentic anymore!


Asafoetida plant. Source: healthline.com

The English name for Hing is Asafoetida, which is derived from the combination of Pesian word Asa meaning “resin” and Latin word Fetid meaning “unpleasant smell”. Because of its pungent smell…

Charlie Munger, who is Warren Buffet’s business partner at Berkshire Hathaway once said “Show me the incentives, I’ll show you the outcome”. According to Munger, a man has an acculturated nature making him a pretty decent fellow, and yet, driven both consciously by incentives, he drifts into immoral behavior in order to get what he wants, a result he facilitates by rationalizing his bad behavior [1].

Instant Gratification

Playing short game gives us instant results. I know that I am going to be happy browsing social media, rather than doing nothing and getting bored. I know that junk food is delicious and…

I have been trying to read more fiction, and I came across this book by Haruki Murakami called South of the Border, West of the Sun. Glancing over the reviews gave me a sense that reading this book might not a good idea, and my intuition turned out to be correct the more I read it. But the book was so good and addictive that I could not put it down before completing it, no matter how torturous the read was.

Spoiler Alert!

The book is narrated by a person called Hajime, and the story based during post-war Japan revolves around Hajime’s…

It was around January, when I had listened to the Farnam street podcast with Tobi Lütke, who is the cofounder and CEO of Shopify. The episode was recorded on September 2018 and one of the things they talked about was when Andrew Left from Citron research started publishing pessimistic reports about Shopify. The first report, published in October 2017 mentioned that Shopify was running an affiliate marketing scheme where third party promoters were earning promotions by persuading merchants to sign up, and added that these marketing practices should be investigated by American regulators. …

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